Wind Tunnel Laboratory

Hanson's FMFC Laboratory houses a closed-loop return wind tunnel. The wind tunnel has acoustic treatment to be relatively quiet given 75Hp power input.

In the figure above, the perforations of the silencer can be seen.











Dantec Thermal Anemometer systems

Custom calibration system with yaw

Single and dual component sensors




Stereoscopic microscope

200 mJ Nd-Yag Laser from Evergreen

Assorted light sheet optics

Scanivalve DSA3217/16Px-20”H20

16 channel differential pressure measurement 20” H20

Intelligent pressure modules, 500 samples/channel/second EU, ±.05% full scale long term accuracy, Temperature compensated pressure sensors, Dual pressure ranges, Time stamped data

ATI Force/Torque (Net F/T) sensor system is a multi‐axis force and torque sensor system that simultaneously measures forces Fx, Fy, and Fz and torques Tx, Ty, and Tz. Extremely-High Strength with Low Weight: Precision machined from high-strength aircraft aluminum.